A program by

Afro Urban Society

 6 months of conversation, reflection, project exploration, construction-deconstraction, challenge, history, identities, Blackness.

Presentation dates:

June 6, 2020


Register at: afrourbansociety.com/onyeoziartists



‘Onye Ozi’ (‘Messenger’) brings Bay Area artists of diverse African ancestry across disciplines to create work that uses their personal experiences and artistic practice as a virile catalyst for social change. Fellows will reflect on the embodiment of the term paired with the phrase ‘ọnụ ụzọ’ (portal), how they/their work creates a pathway of discourse among new Black immigrants* and existing African American* communities. Read more about at Afro Urban Society


A quote by Byb

Onye Ozi Fellowship has emphasized on my credo to which there is only one Black identity. This identity is plural, meaning it is spotted with our global diversified origins, identities, infinite creative talent, beauty, community strengths, and an innate aspiration to excellence.